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Help With Therapists, Over Thinking, Emotions???

Question by bladecherry: Help with therapists, over thinking, emotions???
Well basically for the past few years i have been over thinking so much that i consider myself paranoid, My friends tell me im paranoid, which is true as well as that i am always depressed and really irritable when around my parents.My parents don’t think much of me, i USED to think of suicide NOT anymore and cry a lot when im paranoid. I have a low self esteem i am always dizzy and becoming a total freak. I have never thought good of myself i don’t care and sometimes purposely made myself ill as a cry for help. I have been to the therapist many times but all she tells me is that im a massive therapist and i need to think positively, what she says to me sounds like crap. help?
sorry what i meant was the therapist tells me im a massive pessimist not a massive therapist.

Billy Chesterfield, Child Therapist


Billy Chesterfield, Child Therapist – He’s not a therapist for children. He’s a child therapist.


Lakewood Orthodox counselor says he was pressured to plead guilty to child

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TOMS RIVER — Middle-of-the-night visits and YouTube videos of child molesters in prison were among methods employed by Lakewood's Orthodox Jewish community to pressure a former Orthodox Jewish camp counselor to admit to sexually abusing a child …
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Former Orthodox Jewish counselor gets 15 years for child molestation

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The victim and his family were ostracized in Lakewood's Orthodox community for bringing the child's allegations to secular authorities and breaking the religious tradition of having rabbis handle such problems. The family has since moved to Michigan …
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Why Talk Therapy Works? an Argument For!


Why talk therapy works? An argument for! – A logical argument for the efficacy of talk therapy and why it works..


To Help Teens Lose Weight, Fold Talk Therapy into Health Class

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It's based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which has repeatedly been shown to be an effective treatment for many mental illnesses. Participants learn to identify “activating events”— for example, being told by a classmate that their art project …
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Talk Therapy for Wife Beaters in Germany's Turkish Community

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BERLIN — Not far from the Reichstag, 40 Turkish men sit in a storefront office in one of the German capital's immigrant neighborhoods. They sip tea and peel tangerines. One of the men, who looks like Frank Sinatra in his twilight years, stands to …
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Northbound Treatment Services — the Northbound Outpatient Program


Northbound Treatment Services — The Northbound Outpatient Program – If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, call today to discuss treatment options, 888-919-2369 Dusty Watson co…


Britain named the European capital of drug addiction

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A Freedom of Information inquiry found that 55 per cent of councils in England have had funding for residential drug addiction treatment cut since the Coalition came to power. The report revealed that almost a third of people in England on drug …


Let NC lead the way on treating addicts

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I do not advocate locking up addicts, but I do think that regimented, long-term residential treatment, coupled with talk therapy and possibly the pharmaceuticals that help treat addiction, is the only way to go. It is expensive, but in the long run …
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Can Anyone Help Me With How I Am Feeling These Days?

Question by Gooz: Can anyone help me with how I am feeling these days?
About six months ago I was just devastated as my one and only best friend left to overseas. At the time, I was actually fine.. or maybe I was pretending to be fine. But I knew that deep down in my mind somewhere, something was missing. I knew that this world wasn’t going to be the same anymore. Sure, I tried making new friends and I actually went out partying more than ever. I met new friends to hang out with and every weekend we went out. But whatever I do now, it wasn’t enough for me to get rid of that “empty” feeling. So I started drinking and smoking pot every night before I sleep because if I didn’t, I would end up being awake for the whole night. I thought this was going to make the situation better but it didn’t. Apparently, I think I am addicted to alcohol and pot.

7 Steps to Becoming an Expert Depression Therapist With Hypnofit


7 Steps to Becoming an Expert Depression Therapist with Hypnofit – See what the participants had to say about Hypnofit’s 7 Steps to Becoming an Expert Depression Therapist with Helen Mitas.


Alarm over depression therapy cuts

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Funding for talk therapy is drying up just as increasing numbers of New Zealanders are feeling comfortable talking about their problems. The country's biggest income protection insurer, Sovereign, says claims for depression have reached a crippling 40 …
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Married hypnotherapist accused of sexually assaulting 18-year-old patient

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A hypnotherapist from Washington state has been charged with raping an 18-year-old boy who came to him for help with depression and anxiety. According to prosecutors, Ayhan Yavuz, 58, of Bothell, had his patient perform sex acts on him as part of what …
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