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Can Anyone Help Me With How I Am Feeling These Days?

Question by Gooz: Can anyone help me with how I am feeling these days?
About six months ago I was just devastated as my one and only best friend left to overseas. At the time, I was actually fine.. or maybe I was pretending to be fine. But I knew that deep down in my mind somewhere, something was missing. I knew that this world wasn’t going to be the same anymore. Sure, I tried making new friends and I actually went out partying more than ever. I met new friends to hang out with and every weekend we went out. But whatever I do now, it wasn’t enough for me to get rid of that “empty” feeling. So I started drinking and smoking pot every night before I sleep because if I didn’t, I would end up being awake for the whole night. I thought this was going to make the situation better but it didn’t. Apparently, I think I am addicted to alcohol and pot.

For your information, my new friends are just people I hang out with not those who I can share my problems with.. you know….

Nowadays I feel like I am standing alone in this world. It is not about the fact that my best friend is not here anymore… it is just that everything I do, there is a deep sense of melancholy. From just walking around the town to brushing my teeth.. everything is just so… depressing. Could this be what they call “depression”?

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Answer by kordads
You poor thing, it sounds like some depression. It also sounds as if you’re in mourning over a loss. Alcohol is addicting and unless you want to become a chronic drinker you should seek help. Start with your town’s public health department- they can help you find the counseling you need, and sometimes its free to very little cost. If you have your own insurance through work you can call the number for members and ask for a few names of nearby psychologists with substance abuse beackground. If the depression is what you’re concerned with then look for a psychiatrist who can prescribe medicine to help you feel better WHILE you are in talk therapy or meeting with a social worker at your towns mental health board.
Whatever you do, don’t be ashamed, do be open to treatment, and never ever mix prescription medicine with alcohol and recreational drugs.
The reason the drinking and pot aren’t helping is because they’re not what you need.
If you’re willing to be open– invite God or jesus or whoever you worship, into your heart and ask Him to fill the void. Again, if you’re open to finding what will fill the void, find a nice Seventh-day Adventist church in your area. That church is one that promotes Temperance, and their pastor will be trained and experienced to help you. If you don’t like the first sda church, visit another one. They will be able to be a great cheerleader on your side. You will likely make a new really good friend or two because lots of sda christians are nice and want to serve others in need. I stress that the void can be filled. All things are possible with God, I know. Good luck!

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