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Help With Therapists, Over Thinking, Emotions???

Question by bladecherry: Help with therapists, over thinking, emotions???
Well basically for the past few years i have been over thinking so much that i consider myself paranoid, My friends tell me im paranoid, which is true as well as that i am always depressed and really irritable when around my parents.My parents don’t think much of me, i USED to think of suicide NOT anymore and cry a lot when im paranoid. I have a low self esteem i am always dizzy and becoming a total freak. I have never thought good of myself i don’t care and sometimes purposely made myself ill as a cry for help. I have been to the therapist many times but all she tells me is that im a massive therapist and i need to think positively, what she says to me sounds like crap. help?
sorry what i meant was the therapist tells me im a massive pessimist not a massive therapist.

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Answer by ~Stormy~
Firstly,I’m guessing that you’ve been attending the average “counseling” therapy,you really should check in to CBT/DBT Behavioural Therapy vs the standard “talk therapy”,you just have to find a therapist in your local that does this type of work,as not all do.

You can Google CBT/DBT therapy to get more information on the two:-)

Secondly,and if you are not very educated on Health,this may sound silly,but trust me,it can be of great benefit….get on Vitamins,a daily multi-vitamin,a B-complex vitamin and an Omega 3(fish oil).

Lack of Omega in paticular(b/c our bodies can NOT manufacture it on their own so it MUST be consumed thru diet/supplement),has been studied/shown to aid in the treatment of depression.

And ofcourse,lastly…if all else is failing…it may be time for an antidepressant,these can help ensure that your brains “feel good” chemicals stick around LONGER in the brain,where they can help you feel MUCH better:-)

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