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Northbound Treatment Services — the Northbound Outpatient Program


Northbound Treatment Services — The Northbound Outpatient Program – If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, call today to discuss treatment options, 888-919-2369 Dusty Watson co…


Britain named the European capital of drug addiction

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A Freedom of Information inquiry found that 55 per cent of councils in England have had funding for residential drug addiction treatment cut since the Coalition came to power. The report revealed that almost a third of people in England on drug …


Let NC lead the way on treating addicts

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I do not advocate locking up addicts, but I do think that regimented, long-term residential treatment, coupled with talk therapy and possibly the pharmaceuticals that help treat addiction, is the only way to go. It is expensive, but in the long run …
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Jeanie's Inspirational Page, featuring The Women's Bureau

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“Transitions—A gender-sensitive residential treatment program for pregnant women and women with children through age five and we rebuild families by helping women maintain a life of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. WB recognizes that …
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