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Professional Psychiatric Help – What Would They Actually Do?

Question by Sparky: Professional psychiatric help – what would they actually do?
I asked this in the Social Sciences > Psychology section and they were intensely unhelpful, so I’ll try here.

Background: My exceptionally brilliant emotionally repressed girlfriend of two years, who was the victim of some sort of childhood trauma or another (probably not sexual) lost control of her ability to regulate her emotions, told me she loved me for the first time since we’ve been together, and has been having great difficulty letting me back into her life because she thinks (or recognizes) that I’m the source of her problems.

Huh, I should always write the intros that short. ^
Even though she seems to be doing better, the topic of seeking professional help came up over lunch. The result is that I feel like an ***.

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Talk Therapy Effectively Replaces Antipsychotic Drugs As Schizophrenia

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The investigators assessed the effects of cognitive therapy in 74 people with schizophrenia — ages 16 to 65 — who'd stopped taking medication for at least six months. Developed in the 1960s by American psychologist Aaron T. Beck, cognitive therapy is …
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Generation Stress: Scandal of our depressed kids as thousands of under-10s

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Savage Coalition cuts to the network of support for affected youngsters means many end up needing hospital treatment because their psychological problems have spiralled out of control – piling more pressure on NHS budgets. A worrying 4,391 children …

What Do I Do to Become a Chemical Health or Mental Health Counselor?

Question by Lucifer: What do I do to become a chemical health or mental health counselor?
I want to become a chemical health counselor or a mental health counselor or do therapy with people that are recovering from drug addiction or mental health. I want to do this because I have had a history with drugs and depression, and want to help others and give back I guess. I’m in high school, and am going to be graduating in a couple years. I think about other careers doing things I like, like playing music or fixing electronics, but I couldn’t imagine doing either as a career. The more I think of counseling and therapy, it’s something I am passionate about and I know a lot about chemical health and mental health. I talked with the chemical health counselor at my school, we talk every couple weeks, but I told him that this is what I want to do, which I haven’t told anyone else until then, and he was saying that the way he did it was at a University and went for psychology. But he said for psychology, to be able to do anything you have to get a lot of education for it and a higher degree. He had a friend that didn’t get as high a degree as he did and now he can’t really do anything for it, but he’s had other friends do it through just getting the license for counseling, and when you get that, it gives you way more options, and you can do generals at a community college and then go get a license and save a lot of money. So what’s the way he’s talking about by just getting a license? How do I do that? And if that info was misleading, what’s the best way to go for doing this? And how much will school probably cost?

Mind Master 14,3, Malayalam, Kottayam, Kerala, Depression, Hypnotism, Counselling, Treatment, Mental


Mind Master 14,3, Malayalam, Kottayam, Kerala, Depression, Hypnotism, Counselling, Treatment, Mental


Talk Therapy Reverses Biological, Structural Brain Changes In PTSD Patients

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Scientists in Hungary have published a paper in Biological Psychiatry, with results that show that cognitive behavioral therapy — also known as talk therapy — can reduce psychological symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as the …
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Exposure therapy benefits PTSD victims

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Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine studied a modified form of the therapy tailored for adolescents. Over the course of six years, they randomly assigned 61 adolescent girls, ages 13-18, either to counseling or …
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Meditation May Aid Smoking Cessation Treatment

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Overall results suggested that higher cessation rates and lower relapse rates can be achieved when heavy smokers are treated with meditation plus pharmaceutical and cognitive behavioral therapy instead of drug-plus-talk therapy alone. "Our higher-level …
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Pohatcong Township teen resentenced for his role in pizza deliveryman robbery

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Murphy-Weiss told Judge Ann Bartlett he was participating in drug addiction programs and making strides in his treatment. “I have a much better support system now,” he said. As part of his re-sentencing, Murphy-Weiss was ordered to pay $ 48 in …
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Whats the Difference Between a Therapist and a Psychiatrist?

Question by partypooper: whats the difference between a therapist and a psychiatrist?

Best answer:

Answer by Kacey
A psychiatrist has a medical degree (M.D.) and can prescribe medications. A therapist is not a medical doctor but usually has a degree in social work or psychology or pastoral counseling. A psychologist may have a master’s degree (M.A.) or may have the higher Ph.D., which entitles him or her to use the title “Doctor” with their name. Most states require psychotherapists to be licensed before they are allowed to practice. Otherwise anyone could “hang out a shingle” and claim to be a therapist without having any training in counseling or other necessary knowledge.

Psychiatrists usually treat serious mental illnesses, often with medications, although sometimes they do talk therapy and counseling with people who have more ordinary conditions such as depression or anxiety. Psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists may practice particular approaches, such as cognitive therapy (which is often of short duration compared with talk therapy and may be called “brief psychotherapy”), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), neuro-feedback therapy, hypnotherapy, family therapy, etc., depending on what is suitable for the individual client.