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One Day You’ll Make It Out (Depression Video)


One Day You’ll Make It Out (Depression Video) – i really hope this video helps and inspires a lot of people! if anyone ever needs to take you can contact me here: (i check these sites daily) https://twitte…


Tips may help prevent depression in teenagers

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Teenage depression is a serious health concern. Sometimes preventing depression is not possible; however there are things you can do to give your teen the coping skills and support that can reduce their risk of serious depression. Laura Neece, Licensed …
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Is My Teenager Depressed or Just Lazy?

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However, using this label with children or teens may have some long term consequences, especially if the cause of their “laziness” is an underlying clinical depression. I have met adults who have said “I've always been lazy”, yet, it appears as if they …
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What Did the Inside of American 1800s Asylums Look Like?

Question by : What did the inside of american 1800s asylums look like?
I would like to know what the inside of an 1826 mental patient’s room might look like. I’m pretty sure they were not padded until 1839, correct?
So–what would it have been like? Does anybody know?
How about a more violent patient?

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Why Isn’t There Much Information\ Awareness of Eating Disorders in the Philippines?

Question by [ cupcake ]: why isn’t there much information\ awareness of eating disorders in the Philippines?
I’m doing a report on eating disorders but there is like no info on the net about Philippines statistics. Does anyone know a site or explain why there isn’t much about it?

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Answer by jd
Because if you are real skinny everyone thinks you don’t have enough rice.
No one would dream you are anorexic.

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ROBERT JUBINVILLE: Judges need to be mindful of substance abuse

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On a larger scale, the impact of this rampant public health issue is sobering. Despite our state's progressive reputation, Massachusetts has continued the judgmental, dismissive, widespread practice of criminalizing – rather than treating – the disease …
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Does a Psychiatrist Just Prescibe Meds or Will They Also Counsel You?

Question by redhead.1962: Does a psychiatrist just prescibe meds or will they also counsel you?
I do feel I need to see someone whose job it is to prescribe and monitor antidepressants and my well being, but will the psychiatrist actually counsel me, spend time talking with me to learn about what “makes me tick” or will I have to also find someone else to help with “talk therapy”. I can’t afford multiple doctors and counselors, but I’m beginning to feel I do need to start talking with someone. My thoughts have begun to drift towards dying, not necessarily committing suicide, but not really caring if I live or die.

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Answer by joemaintenance2
usually does meds and monitors while you have a couslor talk to you.

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Your Opinion Please?

Question by Totally Cereus: Your opinion please?
Subject: Divorced male, age 56; one child; divorce occurred 1998.

History of absent/incapacitated father starting age 9; history of same-sex experiences age 13-18; history of some same-sex molestation (by unrelated individual) same period. Reports many advances by homosexual males. Ex-wife reports lack of sexual interest during 22 years of marriage despite her wish for more sexual contact, with several 3-6 year periods of celibacy; no reports of unfaithfulness by subject or ex-wife. Ex-wife reports wish for more active sexual involvement; also reports wish for additional children. Subject returned to mother’s home post-divorce. Son reports no dating/sexual contacts post-divorce; ex-wife reports return to dating approximately 14 months post-divorce and has remarried.

Subject history includes short-lived attempts at “counseling” (refuses to acknowledge this as therapy); history of violent outbursts slamming doors, fists through walls, etc.
Subject – homosexual/latent homosexual or simply repressed? Your opinions, please.
Edit: Severely homophobic individual.

How Long Should Someone Be in Therapy?

Question by Ann: How long should someone be in therapy?
Generally speaking, how long should someone expect to need a psychologist for weekly “talk therapy” to treat depression while also taking medication?
I saw an unlicensed therapist at college clinic for 3 years – started going for an eating disorder, recovered from that (mostly), still went for mild depression – and stopped because 1) she left clinic 2) I didn’t think it was helping 3) I had insurance that would have covered a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist.

Several months later my depression went from mild to severe. I have started meds and therapy as a result. But this time therapy with a doctor, not grad student.

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Answer by Edward Bibriesca
About a month

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