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Alcohol Rehab Centers – Inspire Malibu Alcohol Rehab Center


Alcohol Rehab Centers – Inspire Malibu Alcohol Rehab Center – Inspire Malibu is one of the leading Luxury Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in the world. Based in southern California, ee specialize in reaching the root of alcohol addiction through science and evidence based medical treatment rather than depending on a 12 step program. We provide mental and health evaluations to increase the chance of recovery. We also utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which has shown great success in treating mental health patients with Borderline Personality Disorder who engaged in self destructive behavior. http We offer one on one counseling, have one of the most efficient staff to patient ratios of any treatment facility, and provide gourmet food in a luxury setting.


Angelina Jolie Demands Brad Pitt Go to Rehab, But He Says No

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Adolescent Family Behavioral Health Video | Counseling in Grand Rapids


Adolescent Family Behavioral Health Video | Counseling in Grand Rapids – Welcome to my practice. I’m Valencia Agnew and I have been serving the Grand Rapids community as a counselor for over 14 years. My work is based upon a lifelong belief in the unique potential within each and every person I meet, and it is this belief that drives me to help those in need. I have a true passion for helping others, which has given me a diverse set of skills, training, and credentials which I use to help adolescents, adults, families, and couples make powerful positive changes in their lives. I am an expert in the areas of borderline personality, self-injury, and trauma, as well as adolescent, family, and couples therapy. I am also known as a therapist who offers hope to many of the more difficult cases in the Grand Rapids area, and I have been recognized by the school, legal and healthcare communities as being a leading provider of group and counseling services. 12537938 Counseling & Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Couples Communication Skills Groups, Self Esteem Groups, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Groups, SAFE Alternatives Groups, Individual, Adolescents, Family, and Marriage Therapy, Self Injurious Behaviors, Borderline Personality Disorder, Grand Rapids, Michigan, WZZM

My Parents Are Making Me Feel Trapped?

Question by ZipMeSumChocolate: My parents are making me feel trapped?
I have a lot of mental issues, the worst being borderline personality disorder topped by bipolar disorder and the less severe adhd. Because of these, my parents have never graduated from the china doll toddler stage. it doesn’t help that they adopted me when i was a baby becuase they couldnt have kids. my brother also. we’re their babies and we’re incapable of living our own lives. my brothers 18 in 2 days and hes yet to have a job, make his own breakfast, make his own plans, or pay for his own gas. for him, they do everything. for me, I’m 16, ive been working since i was 14, i support most of my horse’s costs, tutor in school, help clean the house, offer a somewhat “peer counseling”, and I’ve pulled myself out of a downward spiral i was trapped in for 3 years where it was a struggle for my life every day. I do everything i can for myself. I also do everything I can to prove to them that i’m capable of taking care of myself.
……but it doesn’t seem to matter. I get interrogated when they see me talking to someone or i get a text. if i want to go out with a friend they have to have the parents home phone cell phone work phone email first name last name address where where going whos taking us will we be leaving will there be anyone else there can they just come over here how old are they can they drive will there be parents there what will you be doing will there be anything illegal will i get pregnant blahhblahhblahh and then i get calls from them IF i get to go. most likely my friends get annoyed and stop talking to me. oh an god forbid my friend is a boy.apparently every male on the planet is a sex crazed rapist intent on getting in my pants. currently i havn’t been anywhere outside of school, home, or the barn in the last 6 months. if i do go its with my parents. I have NO close friends and now people scare me like nobodies business. i have no social skills and every day my chest feels tight and crushed like i’m being sit on. I can’t stand it anymore and now my meds aren’t even helping me even out. im spiraling again. and get this!! my parents said they trust me but they don’t trust other people. shouldn’t they trust me to choose good friends and make good choices?

Substance Abuse Treatment – Brookhaven Hospital


Substance Abuse Treatment – Brookhaven Hospital – People bending under the weight of chemical dependency face a daily struggle with their disease. Addiction is a serious medical illness that affects many Americans. At Brookhaven Hospital, we understand the severity of this condition and the disabling impact it has, and we have the expertise to provide safe and effective treatment for a variety of addictions. Our chemical dependency treatment program offers hope to people suffering from: * Alcoholism * Prescription drug addiction * Cocaine or crack addiction * Heroin addiction * Polysubstance addictions * Dual diagnosis — Addictions occurring with mental health problems Brookhaven Hospital has developed a solution-oriented treatment program that offers a healthy environment for individuals struggling with chemical dependency. Additionally, we are able to offer treatment options for addicted individuals with a dual diagnosis, such as depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders. As a dual diagnosis facility, we are able to offer a comprehensive spectrum of care for a variety of chemical dependency problems.

Mental Health Treatment: Various Mental Health Treatments to Help Those With a Mental Illness

Here is the good news – mental health is getting more attention from various governments around the world and as a result more mentally ill people have a better chance of a better lifestyle. As soon as someone around you begins to develop the symptoms of mental disorder, it is very important that you consult a mental health care provider and get help for the patient. Getting the right course of treatment helps to improve the condition of a person. In some cases, the patient might be able to recover from the illness which is a great achievement for all concerned.

When it comes to mental health treatment, community treatments are considered to be much more beneficial than hospital treatments. Obviously, psychological treatments are considered to be the most beneficial for people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, whereas medications are considered to be more suitable for people suffering from mental illness.

Has Anyone Ever Had or Known Someone Very Close That Has Had “Electic Shock Therapy” and if So, Did It Work?

Question by Chloe: Has anyone ever had or known someone very close that has had “electic shock therapy” and if so, did it work?
I may need to have it done. Is it painful? Can they sedate you heavily even before you go in the room? I heard it messes with your memory. I don’t mind losing all the horrible memories I have but don’t want to lose the good ones! How many treatments does it normally take?
I suffer from severe debilitating depression (I’m 37 and have had this since around age 8), severe anxiety, OCD, BDD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I also am a recovering addict and alcoholic. I have tried almost every med. out there. This would be an absolute last resort.

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