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I Definitely Do Not Qualify for a Security Clearance. if I Joined the Military, What “cool” Stuff Can I Do?

Question by burnside 2020: I definitely do not qualify for a security clearance. If I joined the military, what “cool” stuff can I do?
I have way too many disqualifying factors to even get considered for a secret clearance and above:

In the last seven years,
– I smoked marjuana over 2000 times in my life.
– I’ve done ecstacy about 30 times.
– I’ve done LSD about 6 times and magic mushrooms about 8 times.
– I’ve done cocaine one time and meth about 5 times.
– I’ve pretty much abused every single drug (except heroin) but I’ve been clean for over a year now.

– I got arrested for minor in possession of alcohol and completed “treatment”, which is what they called it.
– I got away with two DUIs (never charged)
– All my friends are junkies (except for me)
– I have bipolar disorder and/or borderline personality disorder.

Where Can I Receive Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Question by businesswoman005: Where can I receive treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder?
I am in need of some psychiatric therapy, as I am experiencing depression, anxiety, and stress. I am wondering if there are any treatment/rehabilitation centers where I can go for an extended period of time to receive treatment for my emotional disorder.

Does anyone know of any treatment centers in the US (or abroad) where someone can get help? If you can please refer me to any websites or programs I would greatly appreciate it. I am not looking for a hospital, or a psychotherapist. I am moreso looking for a place that I can go to get away and get help for my emotional disorder. Thank you very much.

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Answer by Q
The only places you can go to get help are hospital’s or private dr’s offices! There is no camp for resort for ppl with mental illness! Though having one would probably be a great idea!