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I Definitely Do Not Qualify for a Security Clearance. if I Joined the Military, What “cool” Stuff Can I Do?

Question by burnside 2020: I definitely do not qualify for a security clearance. If I joined the military, what “cool” stuff can I do?
I have way too many disqualifying factors to even get considered for a secret clearance and above:

In the last seven years,
– I smoked marjuana over 2000 times in my life.
– I’ve done ecstacy about 30 times.
– I’ve done LSD about 6 times and magic mushrooms about 8 times.
– I’ve done cocaine one time and meth about 5 times.
– I’ve pretty much abused every single drug (except heroin) but I’ve been clean for over a year now.

– I got arrested for minor in possession of alcohol and completed “treatment”, which is what they called it.
– I got away with two DUIs (never charged)
– All my friends are junkies (except for me)
– I have bipolar disorder and/or borderline personality disorder.

The good news is:
– I have a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering. I currently work on launch vehicles for the air force thru a medium sized defense contractor.
Lets say one day I decide I want to serve in the military but use my skills/qualifications. I will likely get denied an interim and final clearance due to my shady past… even if I admit it… they will view me as a psycho… therefore I cannot be an officer. What else can I do? I don’t just want to enlist.
And yes… the company I work at has engrained in our minds that if you have a security clearance, you will get to work on “cooler” stuff such as the classified payload, etc. This is actually very true. I find my job very boring because I don’t have a clearance.
I’ve never applied for a clearance either. I just know what the process is like because 1/3 of my co-workers have at minimum a secret clearance.
Also, I have had rough relationships in the past and medical records that could indicate something bad…

My ex-gf stabbed me with a kitchen knife when we were drunk.. I had to call an ambulance.

I got my wife, whom Ive been married to for a year now, arrested for domestic violence. This might reflect badly on me. oh boy, I am pretty much screwed. I would like to join the military someday.
konstipashen, you are a f*ckwad. I busted my @$ $ off in college and I want to serve my country one day.

I bet I could kick your @$ $ with one haymaker.
I am 24 yrs old.

Best answer:

Answer by ilovemrkite
yaa i wouldnt tell them you did all those drugs o___o

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