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Alcohol Rehab Centers – Inspire Malibu Alcohol Rehab Center


Alcohol Rehab Centers – Inspire Malibu Alcohol Rehab Center – Inspire Malibu is one of the leading Luxury Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in the world. Based in southern California, ee specialize in reaching the root of alcohol addiction through science and evidence based medical treatment rather than depending on a 12 step program. We provide mental and health evaluations to increase the chance of recovery. We also utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which has shown great success in treating mental health patients with Borderline Personality Disorder who engaged in self destructive behavior. http We offer one on one counseling, have one of the most efficient staff to patient ratios of any treatment facility, and provide gourmet food in a luxury setting.


Angelina Jolie Demands Brad Pitt Go to Rehab, But He Says No

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The blow up reportedly happened when Angie demanded he go to rehab for his drug and alcohol issues. But alas, Brad said "No, no, no." He reportedly cancelled the wedding and walked out. Wow. That walkout has been just around the corner for quite a …
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