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My Parents Are Making Me Feel Trapped?

Question by ZipMeSumChocolate: My parents are making me feel trapped?
I have a lot of mental issues, the worst being borderline personality disorder topped by bipolar disorder and the less severe adhd. Because of these, my parents have never graduated from the china doll toddler stage. it doesn’t help that they adopted me when i was a baby becuase they couldnt have kids. my brother also. we’re their babies and we’re incapable of living our own lives. my brothers 18 in 2 days and hes yet to have a job, make his own breakfast, make his own plans, or pay for his own gas. for him, they do everything. for me, I’m 16, ive been working since i was 14, i support most of my horse’s costs, tutor in school, help clean the house, offer a somewhat “peer counseling”, and I’ve pulled myself out of a downward spiral i was trapped in for 3 years where it was a struggle for my life every day. I do everything i can for myself. I also do everything I can to prove to them that i’m capable of taking care of myself.
……but it doesn’t seem to matter. I get interrogated when they see me talking to someone or i get a text. if i want to go out with a friend they have to have the parents home phone cell phone work phone email first name last name address where where going whos taking us will we be leaving will there be anyone else there can they just come over here how old are they can they drive will there be parents there what will you be doing will there be anything illegal will i get pregnant blahhblahhblahh and then i get calls from them IF i get to go. most likely my friends get annoyed and stop talking to me. oh an god forbid my friend is a boy.apparently every male on the planet is a sex crazed rapist intent on getting in my pants. currently i havn’t been anywhere outside of school, home, or the barn in the last 6 months. if i do go its with my parents. I have NO close friends and now people scare me like nobodies business. i have no social skills and every day my chest feels tight and crushed like i’m being sit on. I can’t stand it anymore and now my meds aren’t even helping me even out. im spiraling again. and get this!! my parents said they trust me but they don’t trust other people. shouldn’t they trust me to choose good friends and make good choices?

what do i do? how do i gain my freedom? please help me deal with my parents

Best answer:

Answer by You can’t touch those apples
you have to build up situations where you keep showing them how responsible you are.

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