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Why Do People Consistantly Object to Suicide in Most Situations, Do They Not See the Flaws in Their Arguments?

Question by Dawn: Why do people consistantly object to suicide in most situations, do they not see the flaws in their arguments?
People do not get to decide if they are born/live life. Many people just give birth without thinking about if that person will want to live in this messed up world. Unfortunately no one monitors/screens who gets to be parents thus allowing some really horrid people to reproduce/have access to children and the social services system to very far behind in preventing/helping kids in this position.

Once someone is born they are held hostage in this society/life and if anyone sees or suspects you of wanting to escape they further entrap you and often make life even less desirable until they break your will (with “counseling” or medication) and you agree with them.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. That argument is flawed because it makes the assumption that the problem is indeed temporary, despite the fact that there are many awful problems that are not going to get better anytime soon. And yes depression can be an excruciating permanent medical condition for some individuals.
Saying suicide is selfish and the reasoning behind that theory is hypocritical and is double edged. The people not wanting the person to commit suicide want that because they do not want to deal with the pain. It is in all human nature to want to avoid pain emotional or otherwise.
It is also a strongly held belief in this society that “life can be crappy suck it up & get over it” so shouldn’t those people take their own advice if someone they know has committed suicide if they do not then they are again at risk of being hypocritical.
And the religious augment/reasoning is based on instilling someone with guilt and fear. It is nothing more than an assumption of faith. Which is in violation of freedom of individual religious/spiritual practice.
Last of all many people do other very harmful things and do not get nearly as much grief for it; under/over eating, smoking, drinking, driving recklessly.

So what is the real reason? Because from here it seems like anti suicide/euthanasia reasoning is just really a attempt at others trying to stop individuals from thinking or feeling outside their comfort zone.

Before anyone says it, yes i have had people in my life commit suicide and honesty yes it hurt a little but i know it is what that person really wanted so i got over it, rater than acting bitter and selfish.

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Answer by Joseph
Suicide is bad because they stop contributing to society and we have to take care of their useless, filthy corpse.

Don’t be selfish and just think about the person’s reasons for suicide. Think of the world.

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