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Treatment for Cocaine Addiction: About Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Finding a treatment for cocaine addiction is not always easy, you must be serious about breaking from your addiction and find a good treatment program that can help you through it. Having an addiction to a controlled substance is something that takes charge of your life; once you have become addicted to something it is hard to break yourself from that lifestyle. Only someone who is truly serious and dedicated to breaking away from the substance of addiction will succeed in the process of doing it; you must truly want to quit for yourself, not simply because others are telling you to do it.

There are many different programs that offer support and counseling to help you through the process as well as medications and treatments to help you during withdrawals. There are not many medications to help the recovery of coming off of cocaine; however, antidepressant medications can be prescribed and there are some new medications on the market that are being aimed at this potential audience.

Most drug rehab programs will help you through the detoxification process and allow you to live on their campus, with on call nurses and counselors that are there to help you every step of the way. These centers have licensed professionals that are on staff and offer drug detoxification programs, counseling, massages and holistic drug treatments, interventions, and there is always a psychiatrist on staff for your convenience. Some of these programs are 30, 60, or 90 day programs depending on the severity of the addiction is and what substance the addiction corresponds with.

Breaking away from your cocaine addiction is not impossible; it is a matter of starting a new life for yourself and there are people and programs everywhere that can help support you through it. Having support from family and friends is vital when making the decision to break an addiction; you must also cut off social confrontations with other users, as this will only make you weaker in your detoxification process. Even if the other users are not using in front of you, just seeing them and knowing that they are still using will give you the craving to use again as well.

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Prometa and cocaine addiction: Outpatient recovery – Prometa: an alternative outpatient treatment for cocaine addiction. Scientific evidence shows Prometa may be a breakthrough in addiction treatment. Cocaine addiction can be treated by reducing cravings. Prometa is designed to target the changes in brain chemistry that occur with cocaine addiction.


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