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When Did Conducted the”EAMCET-2008 counselling”I Am Chintu.?

Question by chintu: when did conducted the”EAMCET-2008 counselling”I am chintu.?
Hai I am chintu.I got EAMCET rank 108877 and I am OC boy.
Then which group I am choosing?.And when will be conducted the EAMCET-2008 counselling?.When B.TECH[Engineering colleges]are started?

Best answer:

Answer by Savitri K
Hi Chintu,

Congratulations for your rank. You have not specified about your university. Any way open the following URL enter your rank, University, category, Gender and the course you want. It will show the results based on last years data.

You will get CIVIl Engineering in “Sri Datta” college in Ibrahimpatnam. This college is OK. My uncle’s daughter is studing there. You need to work hard to get good job.

Wait till counseling begins. I think around July 16th this year’s (2008) counseling is going to start. Based on your rank you will get the call in around September or so.

Divorce or Counseling?

Question by chris: divorce or counseling?
well im a guy and like the easy way out, however still attached to the misses, been married for 2 and a half years. its hit rock bottom cant seem to get past fighting, kinda want to get counseling however my wife has vowed to change after every fight, im kinda thinkin even with counseling it will go good then once we get in the comfort zone it will go back to fights… i dont know are there some kinda signs i need to look out for or is this thing over???
fights are
i live an active life style extreme outdoors she dosent. like all diffrent things i make an effort to have fun and do things she dosent and then she says i dont do things she wants to do and im like well what then you let me know and i will take you or go with you, no worries but she dosent ever bring anything to the table only complains……… i dont know its probably all the same fights as a normal relationship but my patitience is wearing thin…

Is It Worth Seeking Couples Counseling ?

Question by james: Is it worth seeking Couples counseling ?
My girlfriend of 2 years and I broke up. Having a child together we maintained a great relationship. After a year and a half separation we got back together. We have been doing great and I proposed to her on a recent cruise. Shortly before the cruise we started having issues and they have continued. It’s really started to hurt our relationship. I have started seeing a counselor to fix myself and my part if OUR problems. The counselor has recommended couples counseling. She has agreed to go with me but it sucks we are already here after only 3 months of being back together. She is the one I love and want to marry but is worth it? To be to the point if needing counseling so soon? Thoughts and insight please. And a prayer too!

One to One


one to one – One To One Family Christian Counseling is a ministry dedicated to helping you recognize, reconcile, and restore the relationships that mean the most to you. …


Premarital wisdom

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Neil Thomas, pastor at the Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles, has also walked many couples through this process, and he thinks that the additional complexities make premarital counseling a challenge for clergy, who mainly have encountered …
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Students return to New Mexico school two days after shooting

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She said both the children and their teachers needed counseling. For many parents, bringing their kids to school Thursday was not an easy decision. Some said it was happening too soon, but … It is the latest community in the United States to go from …
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Fiancee Is in Pensacola FL for Air Force Tech Trainnig, We Wany to Get Married When I Visit..?

Question by Rac M: Fiancee is in pensacola FL for air force tech trainnig, we wany to get married when I visit..?
can we get our mariiage certificate and get married “officially” but then have “show ceremony” and reception back home when he gets done with tech training?

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Answer by Autumngirl
Yes, you absolutely can get married and then have a “just for show” ceremony later for family and friends (my parents did this when my father was in the army and stationed in Germany), although you might want to just have a big wedding “reception” once you get home rather than a copy of the actual wedding ceremony. It’s really up to you guys, though.

Some Questions About Sunlight, Light Boxes and Vitamin D.?

Question by comet girl…DUCK!: Some questions about sunlight, light boxes and vitamin D.?
1. How long does one need to be in the sun each day to receive the USRDA of vitamin D?

2. How long does one need to be in the sun each day to avoid seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

3. Can you get vitamin D from a light box?

4. I have a friend who says that to combat SAD she would go to a tanning booth and lie down fully clothed and with her head covered with a towel. If the light isn’t hitting your skin or your eyes how would this work?

5. Does anyone have a link to a site where I could purchase a light box?

Thanks, everyone

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Answer by oldtimekid2
Since nobody has answered, I’ll toss in my 2 cents.