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Is It Worth Seeking Couples Counseling ?

Question by james: Is it worth seeking Couples counseling ?
My girlfriend of 2 years and I broke up. Having a child together we maintained a great relationship. After a year and a half separation we got back together. We have been doing great and I proposed to her on a recent cruise. Shortly before the cruise we started having issues and they have continued. It’s really started to hurt our relationship. I have started seeing a counselor to fix myself and my part if OUR problems. The counselor has recommended couples counseling. She has agreed to go with me but it sucks we are already here after only 3 months of being back together. She is the one I love and want to marry but is worth it? To be to the point if needing counseling so soon? Thoughts and insight please. And a prayer too!

Best answer:

Answer by LeopardLady
Yes it’s worth it

and so is “Pre-marital Counseling”

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