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Alcohol Treatment | Miamisburg Rehab Helpline


Alcohol Treatment | Miamisburg Rehab Helpline – Living with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a helpless feeling. Thousands of people across Ohio struggle with substance abuse on a daily basis. Unfortunat…


Dude: Science contradicts Obama's pot claims

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Christian Thurstone, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado and the head of the teen rehab center Adolescent STEP: Substance Abuse Treatment Education & Prevention Program, told ABC News recently that 95 percent of patient referrals to …


Locals react to Bieber's arrest

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Corpus is a drug treatment counselor at the adolescent treatment center in Oakland called Thunder Road. Many people may say Bieber needs to go to rehab but Corpus says he shouldn't start treatment, until he's ready and has a support system intact.
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