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Fiancee Is in Pensacola FL for Air Force Tech Trainnig, We Wany to Get Married When I Visit..?

Question by Rac M: Fiancee is in pensacola FL for air force tech trainnig, we wany to get married when I visit..?
can we get our mariiage certificate and get married “officially” but then have “show ceremony” and reception back home when he gets done with tech training?

Best answer:

Answer by Autumngirl
Yes, you absolutely can get married and then have a “just for show” ceremony later for family and friends (my parents did this when my father was in the army and stationed in Germany), although you might want to just have a big wedding “reception” once you get home rather than a copy of the actual wedding ceremony. It’s really up to you guys, though.

I’ll link something about Florida as a destination wedding so you know about applying for the marriage license, etc. There are many wedding details included, such as the flowers and the venue, which you may not need if you’re going to have a non-legal wedding ceremony at home, but there’s also the standard information you’ll need to know about getting married in that particular state.

Have pictures taken of the actual ceremony, use pictures from your childhoods, etc., put it to a nice background and put it all on a PowerPoint, then send that to those you love so they can “share” in the actual, legally binding ceremony that way. This makes for a very, very sweet keepsake item and this way nobody has actually “missed out”.

But technically it’s up to you. Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS! May you share many happy years together.

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