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Divorce or Counseling?

Question by chris: divorce or counseling?
well im a guy and like the easy way out, however still attached to the misses, been married for 2 and a half years. its hit rock bottom cant seem to get past fighting, kinda want to get counseling however my wife has vowed to change after every fight, im kinda thinkin even with counseling it will go good then once we get in the comfort zone it will go back to fights… i dont know are there some kinda signs i need to look out for or is this thing over???
fights are
i live an active life style extreme outdoors she dosent. like all diffrent things i make an effort to have fun and do things she dosent and then she says i dont do things she wants to do and im like well what then you let me know and i will take you or go with you, no worries but she dosent ever bring anything to the table only complains……… i dont know its probably all the same fights as a normal relationship but my patitience is wearing thin…

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Answer by libabeinphilly
Try the counseling. There is no downside to trying it and you may learn something and you may not. Try to see someone together and then go seperately as well. Sometimes you are more comfortable alone.

I know all about your situation. I did the counseling and got the promises, but I learned that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

Good Luck

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