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Guided Meditation: Peace Prayer (Cristy Miriam)


Guided meditation: Peace Prayer (Cristy Miriam) – Please help the planet with powerful visualisation of peace for animals, people and Mother Earth. Cristy Miriam is an author of bestselling books, which insp…


Who should you let inside your head?

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There are both diploma and degree courses available in counselling, but often someone who has a good ear, likes to listen and has a kind heart can call themselves a counsellor. Counsellors often have a specialty such as relationships, grief, childhood …
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A helping hand when dealing with grief

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Whether you want help for yourself, are providing support for somebody you care for or are a professional counsellor, this eBook provides real insight into how people handle grief or crisis and practical tips on how to help them. Everyone encounters …
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Learning to love again

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A West Vancouver clinical counsellor has released a new book intended to help those experiencing the pain of a break-up or lost love by offering a step-bystep way out of grief and into life so they can love again. Jo-Anne Weiler, president of …
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