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College of Education, Marquette University


College of Education, Marquette University – The College of Education programs at Marquette University prepare teachers, school counselors, counseling psychologists, community counselors, and administrators to demonstrate a commitment to social justice through their work. This commitment is expressed first through undergraduate and graduate students becoming excellent professionals who exhibit a deep knowledge and understanding of their disciplines as well as how children, adolescents, and adults learn and develop.


Valley Stream schools take proactive approach to mental health

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District 24 has four psychologists and two social workers, and each of its three elementary schools has two-full time support staff members. In addition to providing mandated counseling services, they also are available to meet with any student as …


Hesston College part of new program encouraging healthy behavior for students

Would a Gender Therapist Be Called a Psychologist?

Question by Guppy: Would a gender therapist be called a psychologist?
There’s this therapist I’ve been looking into and she seems okay but she’s a “clinical psychologist”, not a therapist. Is that bad? Should I try looking somewhere else?

Best answer:

Answer by Clones Don’t Have 200k Pts
Yes, that’s fine. A gender therapist may be a psychologist (PhD), a licensed clinical social worker or a psychiatrist.

Whoever you see be sure they have experience with gender issues. You might ask:

Have you helped other people transition?

How many?

Do you have an endocrinologist you refer patients to?

Are you familiar with the Benjamin Standards of Care?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Counselor offers home service for struggling middle schoolers

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What Is the Difference Between Clinical Psychology and Counseling? You Can Get a PhD in Both?

Question by courtney: What is the difference between clinical psychology and counseling? You can get a PhD in both?
I am interested in getting my Masters Degree. I see that some online and campus universities have both of these degrees. And then you can further your education and get a PhD. Some websites even say clinical psychology/counseling, like it is the same thing.
What is the difference?

Best answer:

Answer by wisener
Psychology is the science of the study of the mind and how it influences thinking and behaviors. Counseling and clinical psychology are the most popular areas of study in the field of psychology.

Clinical psychologists work with more seriously ill mental health patients. Psychologist Raymond LLoyd Richmond, Ph.D., describes the history of the word clinical: “The word, clinic derives from the Latin clinicus, or a physician who attends patients sick in bed. Clinical psychology is concerned with the work of treating ‘sick’ patients.”

Whats the Difference Between a Counseling Psychologist and a Mental Health Counselor?

Question by Lauren: whats the difference between a counseling psychologist and a mental health counselor?
I read that counseling psychologists make twice as much as mental health counselors. Also… become a counseling psychologist, do you just need bachelors and masters degrees? i dont think you need a Phd unless you become a clinical psychologist. There is also something called a Psy.D(doctor of psychology)….if I want to become a counseling psych. who works in their own practice, do i need the Psy.D? thanks, there is so much info. to find out! also, please don’t guess, only answer if you know for sure about what you are saying.
well i read that a counseling psychologist work with people(i prefer to work with children) on more typical problems instead of what a clinical psychologist does, which is helping wih more severe problems.
im in california but i dont know the rules in this state

What Is the Difference Between an LPC and a Counseling Psychologists?

Question by dilila_may: What is the difference between an LPC and a counseling Psychologists?
What can one do that the other cannot. This is very confusing, to me.

Best answer:

Answer by michele
As far as actual practice, there is no difference in what LPCs and licensed psychologists are legally permitted to do. Both can conduct psychotherapy or counseling. Both (if properly trained) can administer, score, and interpret a variety of psychological tests. Both can assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness. Both can provide services which are reimbursable via managed care.

In some states,LPCs may not use any form of the word “psychology’ (including the word “psychotherapy”) in the description of the services they provide.In practice, though, “counseling” and “psychotherapy” are virtually indistinguishable. Licensed psychologists, on the other hand, can use the word “psychology” (in any form) in the description/advertisement of the services they provide.

Cedar Crest Psychological Counseling – Allentown, PA


Cedar Crest Psychological Counseling – Allentown, PA – Cedar Crest Psychological Counseling 610-437-4577


Upland school students receive counseling over death of 13-year-old Joshua

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Principal Pam Chavira said students were offered the opportunity to speak with school counselors and psychologists on Wednesday. Some students chose to meet with them individually while others did so in groups. "On the whole, I would say they have been …
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Meridian Schools provided counseling after Lowell Scott student committed

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Meridian School District officials had a “crisis team” of 20 counselors and school psychologists at Lowell Scott Middle School Tuesday morning to help kids after one of their schoolmates — an 8th grade boy — committed suicide the night before …
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