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What Is the Difference Between an LPC and a Counseling Psychologists?

Question by dilila_may: What is the difference between an LPC and a counseling Psychologists?
What can one do that the other cannot. This is very confusing, to me.

Best answer:

Answer by michele
As far as actual practice, there is no difference in what LPCs and licensed psychologists are legally permitted to do. Both can conduct psychotherapy or counseling. Both (if properly trained) can administer, score, and interpret a variety of psychological tests. Both can assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness. Both can provide services which are reimbursable via managed care.

In some states,LPCs may not use any form of the word “psychology’ (including the word “psychotherapy”) in the description of the services they provide.In practice, though, “counseling” and “psychotherapy” are virtually indistinguishable. Licensed psychologists, on the other hand, can use the word “psychology” (in any form) in the description/advertisement of the services they provide.

One very important difference between the two credentials is applicable in two states (i.e., LA and NM). In those two states, psychologists with the prerequisite training can prescribe medication. Legislation is pending in other states to afford their psychologists that same privilege.


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