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Career Counselling Slc Part 2


Career counselling slc part 2


San Rafael High School student found dead Monday in Larkspur

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On Tuesday, San Rafael High School Principal Glenn Dennis sent a letter home with students alerting students, parents, faculty and staff about the availability of counseling services. School counselors, psychologists and crisis counselors from the Bay …
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Changing the way we think about leaves of absence

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Students requesting medical leave must have the physician or Counseling and Psychological Services practitioner who has been treating them confirm to the student's dean that a medical leave is necessary. Luckily, when and if medical withdrawal is …
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Schools counsel students to reduce stress before exams

The Essence of Psychological Counselling


The Essence of Psychological Counselling – Distilling his experience of over 20 years as a psychological counsellor, Dr Ali Khwaja, Chairman, Banjara Academy (, says that…


Training program receives accreditation

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The goal of the program is to prepare the interns for competent entry into the complex roles of clinical or counseling psychologists. During their time at the Bay Pines VAHCS, interns are expected to achieve foundational competencies in several core …
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Counseling available for Hurricane Sandy victims still reeling from storm

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TRENTON — Recognizing a need for more formal psychological counseling for people whose homes and lives were upended by Hurricane Sandy, the state Department of Human Service and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care are administering a $ 5 …
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Which Branch of Psychology Should I Go Into?

Question by ?: Which branch of Psychology should I go into?
I am currently a junior in college working towards my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I know I want to work with children and adolescents. But I am not sure what branch I should go into. Maybe clinical psychology?


Best answer:

Answer by Angie Z
It really depends what you want to do.

Clinical Psychology deals with severe mental illness so you will see a lot of conduct disorders, autism, ADHD, etc.

School Psychologists do a lot of school evaluations so they deal a lot with learning disabilities and ADHD but they also see other disorders, including conduct disorders.

Counseling Psychologists see less severe populations and deal with “normal” people or kids that just need help to get through a touch time like grief after a dead relative.

Does Bluecross Blueshield Cover Relationship Counseling?

Question by ZZZ: Does bluecross blueshield cover relationship counseling?
I’m sure itis a percentage like 60% or 80%. Also depending on if it is a network provider or not. Anyone know? This is for “couples counseling” or “relationship counseling”. It would be under an induvidual insurance plan, not under an employers plan also (FYI).


Best answer:

Answer by troglocat
My guess would be no.
Call BCBS and ask them. It would be under Mental Health coverage, which varies greatly depending on the plan you have. Call the number on the back of your card and ask them.
If it is not covered, you may be able to find low or no-cost counseling through a local non-profit group. Check google or your local yellow/white pages.

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Trapped missionaries tell Kenya mall ordeal

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Abortion – Speech for COMS 101.


Mom uses personal experience to help Asian American students with depression

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Although he resisted at first, Wei persuaded him to go to counseling, where a psychologist diagnosed him with long-standing, minor depression. He had felt bereft, he told the counselor. His sister had died, his older brother had moved away to college …
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Dr. Paul David “Skeeter” Etu

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Subsequently, Paul spent almost two decades in private practice as a licensed psychologist providing counseling, diagnostic, consultative and mental-health services in the greater Glens Falls area. At the time of his illness, he was serving as a …
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Counseling Psychologists


Counseling Psychologists – Today I will be discussing what counseling psychologists do, what kind of training and qualifications needed in order to become a counseling psychologist as well we their earnings, and how counseling psychology shows love for others.


Slain woman's three daughters a concern

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Many schools have support staff to offer counseling. “We want to make sure we can help them stay in with the flow,” said Jennifer Arrighi, a school psychologist at Appoquinimink High School. State officials have not confirmed where all the children …
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Is love in class affecting students' performance?Publish Date: Feb 13, 2013

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Ironically, this high promiscuity among teenagers comes after psychologists around the world have analyzed hitches associated with “falling in love” and concluded that it is one of the most complex feelings. Canadian psychologist Mathew Kopfler …
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