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Which Branch of Psychology Should I Go Into?

Question by ?: Which branch of Psychology should I go into?
I am currently a junior in college working towards my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I know I want to work with children and adolescents. But I am not sure what branch I should go into. Maybe clinical psychology?


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Answer by Angie Z
It really depends what you want to do.

Clinical Psychology deals with severe mental illness so you will see a lot of conduct disorders, autism, ADHD, etc.

School Psychologists do a lot of school evaluations so they deal a lot with learning disabilities and ADHD but they also see other disorders, including conduct disorders.

Counseling Psychologists see less severe populations and deal with “normal” people or kids that just need help to get through a touch time like grief after a dead relative.

Developmental Psychologists are mainly researchers and design studies to find out what makes kids “tick.” They do more social and “normal” individual studies rather than dealing with psychopathology.

Do some reserach into each cateory and the kind of work they do with kids. Then when choosing a school you wil also have a fun time figuring out what theoretical orientation you want to study and finding the right mentor. Good luck!

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