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Whats the Difference Between a Counseling Psychologist and a Mental Health Counselor?

Question by Lauren: whats the difference between a counseling psychologist and a mental health counselor?
I read that counseling psychologists make twice as much as mental health counselors. Also… become a counseling psychologist, do you just need bachelors and masters degrees? i dont think you need a Phd unless you become a clinical psychologist. There is also something called a Psy.D(doctor of psychology)….if I want to become a counseling psych. who works in their own practice, do i need the Psy.D? thanks, there is so much info. to find out! also, please don’t guess, only answer if you know for sure about what you are saying.
well i read that a counseling psychologist work with people(i prefer to work with children) on more typical problems instead of what a clinical psychologist does, which is helping wih more severe problems.
im in california but i dont know the rules in this state

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Answer by Blondie
I don’t know exactly what you mean by the term “counseling psychologist” but by what you said, “)….if I want to become a counseling psych. who works in their own practice, do i need the Psy.D?” I can tell you that to just be a counselor, then you DO NOT need your PHD or Psy.D.

… If you only want to work with children, why don’t you think about becoming a school psychologist/counselor? Or you will have to get a degree that focuses primarily with children, however, only working with children may not be feasible. It all depends on the state.

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