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Borderline Personality Disorder?

Question by I luv Gerard: Borderline Personality disorder?
first off, i have been sexually mullested twice. Once when I was 9 by a 13 year old girl and then when i was 14 by my boyfriend. when I was 10 thats when i first started cutting myself. my mother left when i was 8 monthes old then came back when i wa 6 and by then my dad got married to my step mom. After things got bad at home i’d hide in the bathroom and slice myself up. then prolly when i was 12 I became bulimic. Also ive been living with my dad and step mom and they are extremely protective.. when I was 13 my mom moved away to wisconson and then i brokedown and tried killing myself by slitting my wrists. im 16 now and i live in california and i have a boyfriend that treats me so diffrently then how ive been treated all my life but i still get majorly depressed and cut myself (under his supevision) and i still think about sucide and I need to know whats wrong with me?

Expert Depression Therapist in 7 Easy Steps With Hypnofit


Expert Depression Therapist in 7 Easy Steps with Hypnofit – See what experienced Therapists had to say about Hypnofit’s Expert Depression Therapists program with Helen Mitas.


My Religion Was Anorexia with Kelsey Osgood

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A former therapist once theorized that I had childhood depression; I normally wouldn't give a lot of credo to such a belated diagnosis, but she was such a good therapist that it has stuck with me, and sometimes I think about it, when I'm feeling …
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To Your Health: Strategies to beat holiday stress to the punch

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Crying more than usual for little or no reason, or being unable to stop crying, also can signal depression. Any big changes in appetite or a loss of motivation or … Call your doctor, a therapist or psychiatrist. Many churches have support systems, or …
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Meridian Residential Treatment Program


Meridian Residential Treatment Program


Meehl Residential DBT Treatment Adds Amen Brain Program

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Houston, TX, November 15, 2013 –(– Seven miles from Lake Jackson Texas is the only residential treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder that uses an Intensively Trained Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Team. This program is the only …
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Residential Treatment Center Benefits From Rotating Lasers

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“Our success rate is 67 percent, which is literally three times higher than the average success rate of most other treatment programs.” Habilitat is a long-term residential treatment center for drug and alcohol addictions. The center has worked with …
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Love enough to Share aids Residential Treatment Services

I Want to Suggest a New Yahoo Chat Room?

Question by Poet: I want to suggest a new Yahoo chat room?
I wanted to suggest a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Support chat room. I’ve met many people with BPD in Yahoo chat and they depend on the support of others to help them deal with this crippling mental illness. The Depression “support” rooms offer no support at all and the vast majority of chatters there know little of the disorder and are ill inclined to offer anyone any support in anycase. The Depression “Support” rooms are nothing more than Yahoo fight rooms now.

Best answer:

Answer by N. S
Go ahead and suggest. Who cares ?

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Spider-Man #700 – Anti-Depression Support System – Not liking Dan Slott’s Spidey #700…? Take a look at these alternatives to bring up your mood! ;p :::Related Links::: Comic Book Trades & Manga Reviews Play…

How Do You Tell if Someone Is Lying About Saying They Have No Peripheral Vision?

Question by marshflowerz: how do you tell if someone is lying about saying they have no peripheral vision?
There’s a girl at school who says she has glaucoma but… Well, she says a lot, and she’s in band with us, and she uses it as a handicap when she’s out of line.
Actually, before you jump at my throat, you should understand that I’m the section leader of the flutes- It is my job. I don’t harass. My band director has also said that she fakes a lot of what she claims is wrong with her. She sits out all the time because her knee hurts, she says she has glaucoma, she has massive migraines and chronic fever, as well as severe depression.
My band director knows what’s going on, okay? He doesn’t approve of it, either, but he’s a wimp and won’t say anything to her. I don’t ‘harass’ her. She has caused problems in our flute line for three years now, and I’m getting fed up with it.

What Are the Criticisms of a Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis?

Question by anonymous: What are the criticisms of a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis?
please no “alternative therapies” or “solutions for”…

i’m seeking criticisms only.

I know what it is, how it manifests.
I am NOT interested in solutions, therapies, or alternative therapies for.
I am ONLY interested in *CRITICISMS* of.


Best answer:

Answer by Ganesh63
borderline personality disorder is not an organic mental illness but is manifested over a long period of time as a coping mechanism. Usually people with BPD have been abused as a child, often sexual abuse but not always. They are usually selfish, they like to split people , ie. .’ I really like you but I hate her’. They wil harm themselves sometimes to get attention or go into a mental health unit where it is often hard to get rid of them. They are often narcistic and sabotage relationships. BPD is hard to be cured of but it is possible with Cognitive Behaviour therapy similar treatments , however they take at least 6 months or even 2 years trained therapists. Th…ere will be more and more PDs as our government encourages disfuntional families to breed and neglect their children…mental health nurse