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Borderline Personality Disorder?

Question by I luv Gerard: Borderline Personality disorder?
first off, i have been sexually mullested twice. Once when I was 9 by a 13 year old girl and then when i was 14 by my boyfriend. when I was 10 thats when i first started cutting myself. my mother left when i was 8 monthes old then came back when i wa 6 and by then my dad got married to my step mom. After things got bad at home i’d hide in the bathroom and slice myself up. then prolly when i was 12 I became bulimic. Also ive been living with my dad and step mom and they are extremely protective.. when I was 13 my mom moved away to wisconson and then i brokedown and tried killing myself by slitting my wrists. im 16 now and i live in california and i have a boyfriend that treats me so diffrently then how ive been treated all my life but i still get majorly depressed and cut myself (under his supevision) and i still think about sucide and I need to know whats wrong with me?

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Answer by Adele
Perhaps you should seek help from a professional therapist.
If your life is that extreme, I’m sure they’d help you more than anyone on here could.
Also, why would your boyfriend supervise your cutting? If I were him, I’d be helping you *stop*.

Good luck,

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