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How Do You Tell if Someone Is Lying About Saying They Have No Peripheral Vision?

Question by marshflowerz: how do you tell if someone is lying about saying they have no peripheral vision?
There’s a girl at school who says she has glaucoma but… Well, she says a lot, and she’s in band with us, and she uses it as a handicap when she’s out of line.
Actually, before you jump at my throat, you should understand that I’m the section leader of the flutes- It is my job. I don’t harass. My band director has also said that she fakes a lot of what she claims is wrong with her. She sits out all the time because her knee hurts, she says she has glaucoma, she has massive migraines and chronic fever, as well as severe depression.
My band director knows what’s going on, okay? He doesn’t approve of it, either, but he’s a wimp and won’t say anything to her. I don’t ‘harass’ her. She has caused problems in our flute line for three years now, and I’m getting fed up with it.

Best answer:

Answer by burkeysdiesel
stand to her side and give her the finger. if she notices then she’s lying.

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