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What Are the Criticisms of a Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis?

Question by anonymous: What are the criticisms of a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis?
please no “alternative therapies” or “solutions for”…

i’m seeking criticisms only.

I know what it is, how it manifests.
I am NOT interested in solutions, therapies, or alternative therapies for.
I am ONLY interested in *CRITICISMS* of.


Best answer:

Answer by Ganesh63
borderline personality disorder is not an organic mental illness but is manifested over a long period of time as a coping mechanism. Usually people with BPD have been abused as a child, often sexual abuse but not always. They are usually selfish, they like to split people , ie. .’ I really like you but I hate her’. They wil harm themselves sometimes to get attention or go into a mental health unit where it is often hard to get rid of them. They are often narcistic and sabotage relationships. BPD is hard to be cured of but it is possible with Cognitive Behaviour therapy similar treatments , however they take at least 6 months or even 2 years trained therapists. Th…ere will be more and more PDs as our government encourages disfuntional families to breed and neglect their children…mental health nurse

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