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Sally-Anne McCormack – the CIRCLE- June 14th 2012 – Overscheduling Children


Sally-Anne McCormack – THE CIRCLE- June 14th 2012 – Overscheduling Children – Overscheduling (Hyper-parenting) Children – Clinical Psychologist


To Spot Kids Who Will Overcome Poverty, Look At Babies

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Why do some children who grow up in poverty do well, while others struggle? To understand more about this, a group of psychologists recently did a study. It began in a small spare room where a series of very poor mothers and their 5-month-old babies …
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Bilingual children have better memories

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Published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, the study included a sample of bilingual children aged five to seven and discovered the more difficult the working memory tasks set, the better the bilingual kids performed. Working memory is …
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Don't let kindergarten kids travel alone by school bus, say experts

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Children who go to playschool and kindergarten should not be allowed to travel unaccompanied by parents in school buses, psychologists and experts have said, after two incidents of molestation by bus attendants have been reported over the past …
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