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Online Alocholic Recovery Program


online alocholic recovery program – This is a psycho-educational addiction and mental wellness recovery program accessible 24/7. It’s got resources whether or not you’re one having difficulties…


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His record showed he had one previous conviction for dangerous driving, three for driving while disqualified and two for driving over the prescribed alcohol limit. Anastasis Tassou representing Massey said he was addicted to driving. “He lives, eats …
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New Addiction Helpline in Suffern, NY Guides Teen Addicts to Recovery

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Unfortunately, it's no different in Suffern, NY where many young adults never receive proper treatment because they don't know where to turn for help. To help fight the battle against teen drug and alcohol abuse, a new local helpline has been …
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Baby Boomers Can't Party and Drive Like They Used To

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They found that although neither age group imbibed enough alcohol to put them over the legal driving limit, a blood alcohol level of 0.08, just one drink can affect the driving abilities of older drivers. Based on the study findings published in the …
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