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Difference Between Psychiatry and Psychology?

Question by Mr. H: Difference between psychiatry and psychology?
Which one actually talks with the patient and performs psychotherapy and can they both perform psychotherapy, i was looking into one of the fields but still am confused which one is which and whats the salary for the two, time in school ect… please help and thank you for your time

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Answer by trisigma337
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor and has more schooling. They listen at your first appt. and then prescribe meds to go along with the therapy a social worker, psychologist, or counselor does. The pay is good for both, but you will make more as a psychiatrist. If you are looking to utilize your skills as a counselor then you should go into counseling. You could become a psychiatrist that counsels and prescribes, I do not know if that exists. I know a child psychiatrist that does this. Good luck.

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