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Degrassi Season 12 Spoilers?

Question by : degrassi season 12 spoilers?

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Answer by Alison
New Characters:
Demetrius Joyette as Mike Dallas
Sarah Fisher as Becky Baker
Craig Arnold as Luke Baker
Dylan Everett as Campbell Saunders

Rumoured Episode Descriptions:
Episode 1 When anti-gay slurs appear on several lockers, Simpson can’t find the culprit, so the students take matters into their own hands. A conflict between Alli and Eli puts Clare in a difficult situation. Fiona embarks on her first-ever job search.

Episode 2 Simpson institutes a peer mediation program to help resolve recent conflicts, but it gets off to a rocky start. Clare is so overwhelmed by relationship, school, and family stress that she develops insomnia. Clare without sleep? This could get messy.

Episode 3 When Marisol’s insults become even harsher than usual, Mo’s self esteem hits an all time low. Tristan and Maya bond while working on a history project, and Tori sets out to sabotage this newfound friendship. Katie encounters issues on getting credits to pass, due to being in rehab.

Episode 4 Mo refuses to leave the house, and Marisol’s attempts to help only make the situation worse. Tristan and Tori decide that they need “friendship counseling”. Katie won’t graduate unless she improves her math grade, so she hires K.C. as a tutor. When he begins spending a lot of time at the Matlin house, Katie begins to develop feelings for him – so does Maya.

Other Rumours:
-A Hockey team will be introduced to Degrassi, and they will bully Tristan due to his sexuality.
-Eli will put on a play called “Romeo + Jules” which will be strongly objected by Becky who may be quite religious.
-Maya and Campbell try to start a relation ship but their friends don’t approve
-Drew chooses Bianca over Katie
-Adam and Becky may start a relationship, or Adam may just like her..

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