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Walt Whitman’s “Come Up From the Fields Father” Help Please~!?

Question by : Walt Whitman’s “Come Up from the Fields Father” Help please~!?
Of what are the Ohio farm’s fields in autumn symbols in “Come Up from the Fields Father”?

of gladness for life’s bounty
of sorrow for life’s injustices
of grief for life’s end
of pride for life’s riches

would it be the second or third?
The Poem has to do with loss, if anything there’s death aswell.

Death is an ‘end’ but can be taken as an injustice of life. :s

Best answer:

Answer by sugarbabe
I think “gladness for life’s bounty” is symbolized by the bountiful harvest season depicted, but this takes a sudden turn to sadness when the letter reveals that the family has lost a son and brother in the Civil War. Then, autumn seems to be a presage of the coming “death” of winter and the winter of their grieving, as evidenced by the mother’s suffering and longing to join her son in death, but, she must and does rally for the sake of the children surviving, just as the letter said that Pete would rally and get better, but, sadly, succumbed to his wound. So, it is arguable that “sorrow for life’s injustices” (what could be more unjust than war?) and “grief for life’s end” (what is sadder than a young life so quickly ended?) are also valid interpretations. I just favor the “life’s bounty” one because it symbolizes to me how quickly a person’s whole life can change.

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