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Is There Any Cheat Codes for Age of Empires 2 Age of Kings?

Question by tjaye8000: Is there any cheat codes for Age of Empires 2 Age of Kings?
I found codes for AoE2 The Conqurors. I just need codes for Age of kings. (PC of course)

Best answer:

Answer by Neo
Press “Enter” and type the following cheat codes:
Note that cheats codes are between : ” ” but don’t type ” ” in the game
1000 stone “rock on”
1000 wood “lumberjack”
1000 gold “robin hood”
1000 food “cheese steak jimmy’s”
Full map “marco”
No shadows “polo”
Fast building2 “aegis”
Control animals only “natural wonders”
Instant victory “i r winner”
Instant loss “resign”
Suicide “wimpywimpywimpy”
Tall, fast moving, useless villager1 “i love the monkey head”
Infantry unit that acts like a monkey but has 99 attack, 99 armor, 99 range, and 9 HP “furious the monkey boy”
Shelby Cobra car with twin machine guns3 “how do you turn this on”
Kill indicated opponent “torpedo
Destroy all opponents “black death”
Saboteur unit “to smithereens”

1. This code may not be enabled in campaigns.
2. Note: This will effect all players.
3. The car will not appear unless there is a town center present.

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