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Would It Be Better for My Husband and His Estranged 14-Yr-Old Daughter to Go to a Psychologist, Psychiatrist?

Question by peppergirl: Would it be better for my husband and his estranged 14-yr-old daughter to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist?
Or a family counselor, etc.? I know there are differences between these professionals, and his daughter seemed worried that he said the word “psychiatrist”. She said why not a counselor? Does anybody here have any insight? She has been aliented from, and poisoned against him by her mother. There is no other way than therapy for them to get their relationship back on track. We love her and want her to be a part of our family as well as her mother’s.

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Answer by wild&free
Go to a family counselor or a psychologist. psychiatrists usually deal with prescribing meds for psychological problems and a counselor knows how to talk things out. make sure the counselor is a good match for both of them –they both need to trust the counselor and be comfortable telling them everything. if the first one doesnot work out don’t be afraid to fire them and find someone else. good luck

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