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Why Are People Acting Like My Miscarriage Is No Big Deal?

Question by E: Why are people acting like my miscarriage is no big deal?
I miscarried at 9 weeks only a day ago.(the miscarriage started 3 days ago). Physically, it was horribly painful and I was in the ER for complications. Emotionally, it’s been crushing.

My family and friends don’t seem to care. My mother actually asked me if it was because I ran (I’m a distance runner). I’ve had others tell me it was for the best, a good thing that it hapened early so I didn’t get too attached, and at least it wasn’t a real baby yet. And those are just from the 3 people who called. Everyone else seems to be avoiding me and acting like I should just get other it. A lot of people knew about this as the miscarriage started at a large family gathering.

Do I just have a bunch of family and friends that don’t care about me or is this just how people act?

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Answer by Karissa
I am so so sorry this happened to you hun! And I don’t care what scientists seem to believe, it is a baby as soon as it is concieved. I don’t know your family, but they aren’t being supportive like they should be. I might be pregnant (missed my period this week) and I would be devastated if I misscarried! You have all my sympathies and I’m sorry your friends and fam don’t feel the same way. Best of luck it the future, and God bless.

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