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What to Go to College For? Help I Want to Change My Life?

Question by luisa d: What to go to college for? Help I want to change my life?
Hi everyone and happy New years, I will try to keep it simple, I am 23 I live in NYC and I have an ok Job but I don’t want to live my life paycheck to paycheck. I did not do great in high school I dropped out and ended up a diploma afterwards.

I tried courses like billing and coding and medical assistant but ended up getting scam by the school and in debt with Sallie mae and not pursuing those things.

Biggest issue is that I do not know what I would like to do and I wont stick to it unless is something I like, I enjoy talking to people and helping them, I would have loved to be a teacher, a social worker or something along those lines, but I also want to make good money and they don’t always do. I have always work in office settings receptionist, sales dealing with customers I know I am great with people. But I want to make a difference turn my life around and not just do ok I want to be someone important.

Can anyone give me any ideas? do you guys think I can really go to school and become someone?? I want to turn my life around and get out of the projects but I need guidance

Best answer:

Answer by Christian
Study Criminal Justice, you can get many different jobs

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