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Why Am I the One Who Is “selfish” and “self-centered”?

Question by Taylor L: Why am I the one who is “selfish” and “self-centered”?
My husband applied for a job months ago that I wasn’t ever thrilled with. We are expecting our first child in May. We both decided that we would stay in our city to be close to our family because it was important to us. He talked me in to getting pregnant when we did because he assured me that it was the right time. Then he got a tenative offer from this job after 6 months of hearing nothing and he’s now wanting to move us away from our home and family and miss the birth of our child because he’ll be away for training. Everyone seems to think that I’m being wrong with being unhappy about this and that I’m selfish because I just don’t want to blindly uproot our lives and our plans because he’s excited about this job. We have good jobs here. I don’t understand why I’m supposed to just suck it up. He doesn’t seem to care about how I feel about this. He wants this job because he thinks it’s cool and I’m supposed to change everything. Why is everyone treating me like I’m the selfish one?
We have good jobs. And I’m not a military spouse.
OMG, we don’t NEED the job. We’re fine here. He just wants to change careers.

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Answer by floridaman39us
Good Jobs are hard to come by. Many military spouses do not get to see the birth of their kids due to deployment.

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