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Are There Any Counseling Jobs That Do Not Require Masters in Counseling or Social Work?

Question by Rhianna: Are there any counseling jobs that do not require masters in counseling or social work?
I have a BA in psych and a masters in elementary education and sometimes I wonder if I should have studied counseling instead. I feel I would be a good counselor. I believe it is too late to go back to school and would not be worth the loans but continue to think about this path and wonder if there is any possible way to could do it with the degree I have…or a job like it. And advice would be appreciated…

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Answer by OldChair
You can not hold the title of “counselor” without a Master’s degree. However, most jobs where you are working with people require you to do counseling even if you don’t realize you are doing it. As a teacher, if a child comes to you with problems at home or because they are having trouble with other students, you are, for the duration of that conversation, counseling them. This is generally referred to as supportive counseling and while you don’t have a “caseload” of clients you see individually, you are essentially performing the functions of a counselor as you help to guide, support, and explore the issues the student brings to you.

Teachers, social workers, nurses and other people that work in “helping” professions provide counseling every day despite not holding the title or specific degree. If you’re looking to have the specific title and carry a caseload where you see clients individually for sessions, then you’ll need to go back to school. If you’re just looking to pursue a career where you get to do counseling as a job function, I would suggest looking into jobs in the social work field.

You can pursue social work with a Master’s in elementary education if you want to continue working with children. Child Protective Services often highers people with backgrounds in education although you likely won’t qualify for higher level positions without the social work degree, you’ll be able to carry cases and work with families.

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