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What Mental Illness Causes You to Hear Voices?

Question by ?Dianna?: What mental illness causes you to hear voices?
I’m creating a character for a story who, for want of a better word, is crazy. I want her to have a long list of mental illnesses but at the same time not a ridiculous amount. So far she has borderline personality disorder, bipolar and an eating disorder (bulimia). I want her to hear voices as well though..can that be related to any of these disorders? I was thinking of making her schizophrenic but the only symptom I want her to have is hearing voices – is that possible? She also has hallucinations, but that was going to be due to her bipolar.
Also, is it possible for someone to have all these mental illnesses? Would it be too much if I added depression and anxiety disorder to the list?

Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Jafari
The one Gollum has, you know, when he speaks to him self in LOTR. He’s the protagonist

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