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CA Treatment Centers


CA Treatment Centers – – At California Addiction Network, our addiction specialists are well versed in uncovering the root causes of the depe…


Protecting assets from addict in the family

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Or do you practice tough love and cut them off, which would restrict their cash but could precipitate a crisis? These are questions with no easy answers, and they should be handled case by case, likely with the help of addiction specialists. Be the …
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Oregon Editorial Rdp

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It's a formalized process that regularly prescribes just what you'd expect: More classroom teachers, more specialists in art and other areas, more support staff, more professional development time, more instructional time, and so on. And all of this …
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Four years, 9 months

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The specialist recommended a course of action that began with intrauterine insemination (IUI). We tried it six times at $ 350 per attempt. No luck. … Returning to western medicine, we switched specialists, tried IUI two more times and then turned to …
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