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What Do You Think About AA?

Question by Sam Rutledge: What do you think about AA?
I’m only 19. But I drink every night just about, and when I drink I do it just to get as drunk as I can befor I pass out. I quit doing coke about two years ago, but I can’t stop drinking. Sometimes I will even mix in a few pills when I drink. I’m trying to streighten out my life, but I’m slipping back into my past. Hanging out with old friends, The same old hang out places. I keep telling myself that I can controll it but now I’m not so sure. I’m afraid of going back to the heavy drugs. I don’t want to go to rehab because I don’t think it would work, I drink because I fell alone. I know it’s a cleche but that’s how I feel. My relationships have been bad, I don’t relate to my family, and my friends who don’t drink or do drugs just yell at me all the time. I dint know I guess I’m just looking for the answers to life and I’m failing at it at the same time.

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Answer by bigdaddy
You definitely need to get into some type of rehab. Try AA and NA. They can be extremely helpful. At the minimum you can connect with people who have the same problems as you and you can discuss ways to stay clean and sober. If this doesnt work a rehab facility would be in order. You need to correct this problem before it leads to much more serious problems.

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