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Children Experiencing Loss


Children Experiencing Loss – Katie Couric speaks with Dr. Jeanette Betancourt and Elmo about the importance of children understanding the concept of death.


Farmingville stages play by Ridgefield best-seller

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In quick, hilarious exchanges with each of his family members, Jinx attempts to get the $ 50 by asking his twin little brothers (Alex and Nathan Blaha) who've been saving in a piggy bank for years — they deny him, explaining the bank is their Swiss …
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The worst that can happen

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If you have ever wondered why the state is buckling under the pressure of violent extremism this might explain it. What do … You don't even realise that you have just gripped the throat of your own child and strangled her independent mind to death …
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Breaking News, Shooting on Fort Hood military base

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They said the gunman is married and has children; he was taking medication and seeking help for depression and anxiety and was undergoing a diagnosis process for PTSD but hadn't yet been diagnosed. The military base … "I'm still hearing conflicting …