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What Can I Do to Help My Dad With His Shopping Addiction?

Question by Aleah: What can I do to help my dad with his shopping addiction?
He buys stuff everyday and sometimes he buys stuff and he hides it. He bought three pairs of boots that were 500$ . And he told my mom we need to save money and then the next day he buys him self really expensive stuff. He even says he might have a shopping addiction is there an intervention for it?
I know this is a funny question but Is there a shopaholic interventionist?

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa
You can really get addicted to anything. Get him some help. Make him talk to a therapist or something. You need to tell him to stop shopping. Ahahah shopping is really addicting though! I think the sooner you do something and put a stop to this problem the better because you guys can go broke. Do something now. Take away his money make him stay home. And do something fun with him so he can take his mind off shopping because you need to take his mind of shopping. Any little thing can help you just have to try something out.

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