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“Easter”? or Passover? What Does It Mean for Us?

Question by John: “Easter”? or Passover? What does it mean for us?
Why people call it “memorial”, when the name – not the definition – is “Passover”? Do you know what a “Tetrad” is and when is it coming up again? Should you or should you not eat supper that night, with the bread and wine?
Invite knowledgeable comments please.
Remember that pork is the only – not other creatures receives this privilege – of been nominated “abominable”. Question are 1) why would God call His own creation that (if it was), and 2) even if we are “free” from law, is it medically wise?
…forgot to mention 80% of cancers are relted to pork fat.
Forgot to include: Passover must come with a full moon and it coincedes with the 14 of Nisan, hebrew calendar. If it is not full moon it is not 14 Nisan, and it would be like celebrating the Aniversary of the Nation in July 27.

Best answer:

Answer by AntiApollyon
I am Christian, not Jewish, so I will eat supper that night. We are also having a pork dinner for Easter.

I am a born-again Gentile, free from the Law.

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