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How Long Does a Marriage Last if the Husband or Wife Has a Lover?

Question by : How long does a marriage last if the husband or wife has a lover?
I want to become a psychiatrist one day and deal especially with relationship problems, right now I analyse everything and need other peoples opinions. This will be really specific question but it is not related to my personal life, it is just for educational purposes.
Let’s say there is a married couple, they have 2 or 3 kids all below age 10. They are married for over 5 years and love each other but are no longer ‘in love’. They are not cheaters but at some point one of them (either wife or husband) meets someone new and that person becomes their lover, who is really passionate, understanding and interesting. What do you think are the chances of that marriage lasting forever? If of course the other half doesn’t find out, and it doesn’t matter if the person who has the lover would leave for that lover or just leave because they realise it is no longer the same. What are the chances of the person leaving his other half and kids? I’m talking about any time in life.

I Wake Up Everyday Seeing No Bright Side in Life. ( Thinking to Suicide Tonight)?

Question by Lifeisfullofquestions: I wake up everyday seeing no bright side in life. ( Thinking to suicide tonight)?
Hey I feel like I live my life for no reason. I have no friends always been the quiet one in the group. My dad passed away couple of years ago ive been facing depression ever since and my mom recently passed away. Im a only child so i live alone in this lonely small apartment in NY, Queens. I cant talk to anyone because im scared to, i was diagonosed with social anxiety when i was 16 in high school by a therapist. I seen no improvements so i stopped going 2 months ago. I am not 19 years old just finished my first semester in college and did pretty well. But i don’t see any point of living life i have no one no friends or girlfriends basically no one to talk to. I was never thought social skills i guess. But anyways thank you for letting me vent, but im probably going to suicide tonight, i dont have no one.

From Which School of Thought in Psychology Did “Relationship Therapies” Originated?

Question by Jay: from which school of thought in psychology did “relationship therapies” originated?

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Answer by Uncle
This should help you get started.

Relationship counseling is the process of counseling the parties of a relationship in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. The relationship… – Cached
Relationship therapy –
Advice and information on relationship therapy from, includes an examination of relationship problems counselling can help with, and specific problems leading ……/relationshipissues/relationshiptherapy – Cached
Relationship Help and Couples Therapy
Jeffrey Kaye, Ph.D. provides information about coping with relationships and couples problems – Cached
Relationship Therapy Center – Chattanooga, TN
Relationship Therapy Center. We believe life evolves through and revolves around relationships. Relationships can involve your environment, spouse, child, parent, boss

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Where Can I Find Good Information on the Choice Theory?

Question by bearsfan96: Where can i find good information on the Choice Theory?
I really just need good information for my research?

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Answer by act as if
The term choice theory is the work of Dr. William Glasser, MD, author of the book so named, and is the culmination of some 50 years of theory and practice in psychology and counseling. Choice theory is also a discipline of analyzing the mathematical nature of the choice behavior of economic agents in microeconomics. For choice theory in economics, see rational choice theory.

Choice Theory posits that behavior is central to our existence and is driven by five genetically driven needs, similar to those of Maslow:

Survival (food, clothing, shelter, breathing, personal safety and others)
and four fundamental psychological needs:

How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction?

Question by emily: How to stop a masturbation addiction?
well i’ve been doing it 3-4 times daily now for the past few days since I’ve first doing it. Ofcoures i don’t want to do anymore of it since i don’t want to get sexually active or have relationship problems so I’ve heard from most sites. I don’t know what to do. Its like drugs or something … very addicting.

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Answer by AFI
its normal

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