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How Long Does a Marriage Last if the Husband or Wife Has a Lover?

Question by : How long does a marriage last if the husband or wife has a lover?
I want to become a psychiatrist one day and deal especially with relationship problems, right now I analyse everything and need other peoples opinions. This will be really specific question but it is not related to my personal life, it is just for educational purposes.
Let’s say there is a married couple, they have 2 or 3 kids all below age 10. They are married for over 5 years and love each other but are no longer ‘in love’. They are not cheaters but at some point one of them (either wife or husband) meets someone new and that person becomes their lover, who is really passionate, understanding and interesting. What do you think are the chances of that marriage lasting forever? If of course the other half doesn’t find out, and it doesn’t matter if the person who has the lover would leave for that lover or just leave because they realise it is no longer the same. What are the chances of the person leaving his other half and kids? I’m talking about any time in life.

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Answer by Mircat
That has nothing to do with what you’ll learn in training to become a psychiatrist or how to treat said couple.

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