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I Wake Up Everyday Seeing No Bright Side in Life. ( Thinking to Suicide Tonight)?

Question by Lifeisfullofquestions: I wake up everyday seeing no bright side in life. ( Thinking to suicide tonight)?
Hey I feel like I live my life for no reason. I have no friends always been the quiet one in the group. My dad passed away couple of years ago ive been facing depression ever since and my mom recently passed away. Im a only child so i live alone in this lonely small apartment in NY, Queens. I cant talk to anyone because im scared to, i was diagonosed with social anxiety when i was 16 in high school by a therapist. I seen no improvements so i stopped going 2 months ago. I am not 19 years old just finished my first semester in college and did pretty well. But i don’t see any point of living life i have no one no friends or girlfriends basically no one to talk to. I was never thought social skills i guess. But anyways thank you for letting me vent, but im probably going to suicide tonight, i dont have no one.

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Since you still go to college, I strongly suggest you talk to the “school counsellor” or the counsellor they have. She can help you alot with your depression, feelings, loneliness etc. and refer you if she need to. Suicide is not the way out love. Stay strong and good luck!

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