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Depression and Anxiety Online Counseling May Help Stop Your Panic Attacks


Depression and Anxiety Online Counseling May Help Stop Your Panic Attacks – Anxiety Panic Attack An anxiety panic disorder is described as a anxiety panic attack that is brought on be…


'Well-being, wisdom, wonder' Huffington's message

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"We know how fragile life is — much more fragile than we think," Huffington said, explaining that an unbalanced focus on money and power lead to physical ailments, including depression and addiction. Huffington … "Today is about raising the funds to …
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Fewer Teenagers Carry Weapons After Counseling Intervention

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The study was published online April 14 in JAMA Pediatrics. "Estimates suggest that each year about 4.3 million adolescents present to acute care medical emergency department … So are posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depressive symptoms …
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Depression Symptoms: Making Sense of All the Online Resources


Depression Symptoms: Making Sense of all the Online Resources – In this video, clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo discusses the main signs and symptoms of depression, offering advice on how to make sense of the wealth of …



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In a typical depressive episode, the person experiences loss of interest and reduced energy levels leading to diminished activity. Many people with depression also suffer from anxiety symptoms, disturbed sleep and appetite and may have feelings of …


Newly Diagnosed? What You Need to Know About Depression

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“[M]any medical conditions can mimic, worsen or cause depressive symptoms,” so it's important to rule those out and have a thorough evaluation, said Lee H. Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP, a clinical psychologist, author of Depression: A Guide for the Newly …
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Is Is Possible to Work With Mainly Adolescents as a Social Worker?

Question by Kat: Is is possible to work with mainly adolescents as a social worker?
It’s just a career I’m considering. By adolescents, I mean teenagers and young adults. I don’t know if I want to work with really young kids all the time..

Best answer:

Answer by monique
Yes, there are positions out there in working with youth services, to include juvenile detention centers and facilities; residential treatment; high schools, etc. Residential treatment centers are in different specialties…..some may focus on drug/alcohol abuse; some may be eating disorder treatment centers, etc. There are also positions with children’s hospitals, and psych hospitals.

Indeed is a good job search and will give you an idea of some of the jobs. I did a search using “adolescent social worker”

Do You Feel This Is as Unethical as I Do?

Question by : Do you feel this is as unethical as I do?
I personally have been to Kevin Downing office for MFT counseling on several occasions. After what I felt were a little too off beat comments about my sexuality and my relationship with God and the love of my life. The innuendos he exhibited seemed to be a nonstandard form of therapy. They certainly made me and my spouse a little uncomfortable. But his comments about her figure and being sexually attractive were just a little over the top on patient doctor relationship. Especially since we were not there for sexual difficulties in our relationship. After that incident, I thought that I would go back and check a little deeper on his qualifications, professionalism and credentials. Here is my first person experience and effort put into finding the answers to.

Individual Therapist: Psychodynamic Family Therapy

Psychoanalysis is a therapeutic approach preferred by followers of the Freudian school of thought (circa 1900’s) that sees clients as psychologically ill through unconscious conflict within the mind. Freud based his approach on individual clinical case studies, which fail to be empirically tested due to the impossibility of replication. This means that the treatment of clients is an act of faith based on experience of individual therapists own experience.

The conflict that Freud wrote of was the mind’s ability to protect itself from harm by creating strategies that Freud named defence mechanisms. These mechanisms prevent conscious awareness of traumatic experience from the past in childhood that could cause distress to the client. These defence mechanisms often displayed themselves as maladaptive behaviour and presented themselves in therapy as symptomlogy of biological defects, such as twitching, nervousness and at its worst hysteria (panic attacks).

Can You Sue a Health Insurance Company for Denying Medical Coverage?

Question by CMS: Can you sue a health insurance company for denying medical coverage?
My doctor has referred me to have the gastric by-pass surgery. I’ve spent the last 4 months and countless money (of my own) getting all the things the done the insurance company has asked for. This includes psych evaluation, sleep study, nutrition counseling, physicals and documentation to include I have tried at least 2 non-surgical weight loss programs for over a year with no long term success. Finally after submitting everything, they denied me for “no recent active participation in a non-surgical weight reduction program”. My last weight loss attempt was a year ago. I am about to lose my job because I cannot literally stand up on my feet anymore. This is something I have to get, not something I just want. It would seem if both my primary physician and the specialist both agree this is medically necessary, then the insurance companies couldn’t deny someone their health.