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Depression Symptoms: Making Sense of All the Online Resources


Depression Symptoms: Making Sense of all the Online Resources – In this video, clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo discusses the main signs and symptoms of depression, offering advice on how to make sense of the wealth of …



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In a typical depressive episode, the person experiences loss of interest and reduced energy levels leading to diminished activity. Many people with depression also suffer from anxiety symptoms, disturbed sleep and appetite and may have feelings of …


Newly Diagnosed? What You Need to Know About Depression

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“[M]any medical conditions can mimic, worsen or cause depressive symptoms,” so it's important to rule those out and have a thorough evaluation, said Lee H. Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP, a clinical psychologist, author of Depression: A Guide for the Newly …
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Depression Causally Linked to Heart Disease

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The latest findings from the ongoing Whitehall II study, which began more than 2 decades ago, showed that those who had depressive symptoms during 1 or 2 assessments over time did not have an added risk for CHD. However, there was a highly significant …
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CWRU study finds depression symptoms and emotional support impact PTSD

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Many individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also experience depression. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University found that during PTSD treatments, rapid improvements in depression symptoms are associated with better outcomes.
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